The Incredible Dr. Pol

With more than 19,000 patients, Dr. Pol has seen it all. Specializing in large farm animals, this senior is anything but retiring as he takes an old-school, non-nonsense approach to veterinary medicine. Unflappable and unstoppable, this doc...

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Season 2 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"Mother's Day can be celebrated in many ways, but for Dr. Pol and the Pol Veterinary Services family, Mother's Day means a successful twin calving, mares with healthy foals on the way, and recognizing all that Diane Pol does for her family."
"A slew of unusual findings and emergencies have Dr. Pol and Diane convinced the full moon is the cause of the chaos."
"Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda face another unpredictable week of diagnostics, treatments and surgeries."
Season 7 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"It's Dr. Pol's birthday - but before the celebrations can begin, there's a bevy of cases for the Pol Veterinary staff. From colorful parrots to a sick zebra, Dr. Pol's hands are full with this week's exciting cases."
Season 9 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"It's a new season of firsts, fairs and babies as Dr. Pol and the team take on more challenging cases than ever. The Fair's coming to town and so are the local 4H animals. Dr. Pol and the Pol Vet team are prepared to tackle all emergencies headed their way, from poppin' prolapses, to crunchin' castrations, tearin' teats, lurkin' larva and flip'n stitches."
"The elements have never stopped the staff at Pol Veterinary Services from working their tails off. Even in the midst of one of Michigan's toughest winters, the team won't let the frigid temperatures slow them down.An agitated cow at a nearby farm doesn't want to let Dr. Pol close enough to help her. And back at the clinic, Lily the Australian shepherd arrives at the clinic in a stretcher."
"There's one thing even the incredible Dr. Pol cannot do with precision - get his colors straight. So when Charles hears of a new technological breakthrough to help correct color blindness, he decides it's time to give his dad the greatest gift of all - the gift of color. Things aren't always as clear as black and white for this country vet!"
"From a bellowing bull, to calving cows, to a pup that has found himself in a standoff with a porcupine, this week is as un-bee-lievable as ever for the vets at Pol Veterinary Services. Meanwhile, Charles has spent the week preparing for his latest project - beekeeping! At the lake house with a hive fit for a queen and the bees in hand, the Pols suit up and get down to it."
"After working hard throughout her pregnancy, it's just about time for Dr. Emily's maternity leave - but not before Dr. Pol and crew treat a slew of young animals."
"Dr Pol and Diane are homesick so they visit Holland, MI."
"Unplanned pregnancies, long labors, mystery symptoms and power outages - the vets at Pol Veterinary Services have their hands full. While it's raining cats and dogs outside, the cats and dogs inside need help, even without lights and computers. With a little assistance from Dr. Pol and a lot of hard work from the staff, business carries on at the clinic."
"Spring is on the horizon in central Michigan, and with it comes new life. Calves and puppies are being born, and the Pols go all out to boost their peafowl flock. But before the Pols can get birds in hand, Dr. Pol and Charles must first build a new coop. It could be another feather in the cap for the duo, but they'll have to deal with a few bumps and bruises along the way."
"Early springtime in Michigan means that mothers, including Diane Pol, are being celebrated across the state. From a cow's dangerous breech birth to a very pregnant mare who escapes, the clinic will rest at nothing to nurture moms and their youngsters during this magical time of year. With the staff at Pol Veterinary at the top of their game, it's sure to be a Happy Mother's Day for all."
"Reliving the most bizarre moments in Dr. Pol history means scale invasions, creepy crawly maggots, and the lumpiest bumps and nastiest stenches."
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Season 10 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"Spring showers bring May flowers... and a rather painful situation for one unlucky patient. Dr. Pol must figure out why a large bull has been limping around. Meanwhile, Dr. Emily must help a calf with an unusually swollen foot. As it turns out, the calf's hoof has fallen off. Summer finds Dr. Pol performing a pregnancy check on a double-humped camel while Dr. Brenda castrates a donkey named Ray."
"Dr. Pol deals with a twin stuck in ghetto birth canal. Pol Veterinary welcomes a new member to the team."
"Animals, take your mark, get set...go. Go. Go. Horses execute flawless floor routines, cows go in for the high jump, and the doctors band together to make up the ultimate veterinary team. Who will take home the Pol'd?"
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Dr. Pol hits the road to handle an emergency calving, where a bone has cracked and fallen into the cow's pelvis, blocking the calf's way out. Meanwhile, Dr. Emily must examine a bulldog and his terrible plastic-eating habit. Next, Dr. Pol must help reunite a moody family of alpacas, Dr. Brenda responds to an emergency call for a cow that can't stand, and Dr. Emily helps a cat get rid of maggots."
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"Neck bites, gunshots, and thunderous growls rattle cages at Pol Veterinary. As fall approaches in Michigan, animals are getting their final checkups before the cold weather. Everyone is in for a real treat when Dr. Emily remedies a Frankenstein puppy, Dr. Elizabeth embarks on her first solo farm call, and spooky circumstances bring in Simon the cat who is riddled with bb pellets."
"As Thanksgiving draws near, Charles plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the hardworking staff of Pol Veterinary Services. But the gratitude doesn't stop there, as the vets hustle to solve one complication after the next, including encounters with an exotic fennec fox and a rare abnormality! The vets' tireless efforts and passion is on full display, leaving their clients and their pets thankful."
Season 11 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"Charles takes a short vacation, so the Pol's two grandchildren help them out at the office and on farm calls for a day. They deal with overgrown reindeer toes, infections, a lame horse with choke, a dog spay, broken bones on a calf and bunny, a worm infestation and nursing puppy problems."
"Neither rain nor snow can stand in the way of the team at the clinic. But this year, the weather is putting them to the test! Meanwhile, the veterinarians respond to an array of wild cases, including a huge, rambunctious boar with razor-sharp tusks, a nea"
"This week, animals are ailing and the doctors are determined. From a potbelly pig to hurt horses and injured cats, it's as busy a week as ever for the staff at Pol Veterinary Services. There's a birthday to celebrate too!"
"The team at Pol Veterinary Services deal with animal attacks, breakaway bovines and slick sheep."
"The Pol's Friesian horse, Anneke, gives birth to a small colt."
"Pol Veterinary Services take a recently graduated vet under their wing, as they flip-n-stitch a cow, clamp bull calves \"jewels\", tube a colicky horse and treat a rescue rooster with Bumblefoot."
Season 12 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
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"A new season arrives in Michigan. During the heart of the fall, a freak snow storm blows through. This happens on an already odd week, with a full moon and Halloween which is keeping Dr. Pol and the vets very busy!"
"Vet assistant Katie shadows Dr. Pol in hopes of getting into vet school. Meanwhile, Charles conducts a taste test, showcasing his fresh homemade honey to the entire staff."
"It is K9 chaos at Pol Veterinary Services. Dogs of all breeds come into the clinic after getting into mischief and some intense emergency situations."
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Season 13 - The Incredible Dr. Pol
"It's a hectic week for Pol Veterinary Services as the staff sees a slew of emergencies, reunions, and ruffled feathers! From cat fights to labs with lumps to emu rescues, the vets have their hands full. Dr. Pol treats a horse with a tooth issue, while Dr. Emily helps a pup with a deadly virus. Meanwhile, Diane receives a call about some emus that need a loving home."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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